NoPants Party goes Disco 26.08.2019 - 06:39

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How ya feelin’ today, party people?! Those of you who’ve been listening for a while know that tech house is our jam, but we like to use Hangover Club to switch it up a little bit and play all the different genres that we like. So this month we’re getting really crazy and bringing you disco vibes! What’s funny is that we actually used to HATE anything remotely disco, but after playing Daft Brunch and some disco parties we realized how much fun it is and that it gets everybody dancing! Now we’re fans of throwing in a little disco whenever we can :) We’ve put together a mix of disco house, remixes, French touch, and even some classics that are sure to put you in a good mood no matter how hard you’re struggling, so pop open some champagne and let’s boogie!

No Pants Party

Wer also eintauchen will in die Welt des Disco-Sounds kann das tun auf - Dienstag ab 20:00 Uhr CET - mit der neuesten Ausgabe von Hangover Club Radio - der Disco Edition

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